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Standard school term dates for schools within Dudley Borough. Please check with your school for Inset days before making holiday arrangements.




Term Dates Setting Process

Term dates for schools are discussed and proposed collectively by representatives from local authorities from across the West Midlands, including our neighbouring authorities, which include:

  • Birmingham
  • Sandwell
  • Staffordshire
  • Walsall
  • Wolverhampton
  • Worcestershire

These discussions consider dates many years into the future, in some cases as much as four years ahead of the current year.

This process ensures that neighbouring authorities do not set different dates, which could cause issues, for example, for families with children who attend schools in different authorities or for school staff whose children attend school in a different authority from the one they work in.

The proposed dates for the next few years are then discussed and ratified at a meeting between the local Joint Consultative Committee of Unions and the Local Authority.

Academies within the Local Authority do not have to follow the term dates set by this process, they can independently choose to set their own dates.  However, most academies ensure that their term dates match the dates of other local schools to prevent the issues for families identified above.

This website is kept up to date with the most recent agreed dates, but schools should always be contacted to confirm exactly what they have decided to do, as they always have some degree of discretion with, for example, teacher training days.