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Find out about roadworks in your area

You can access the Dudley Council Street Works Register to get details of the current and planned road and street works across the borough. By searching on a street name you will be able to see what works are planned, or have been carried out in that street.

Disclaimer: The information provided from the Streetworks Register is regularly updated by the organisations named in relation to works, errors and/or delays may occur and this Council accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies or inconvenience caused. If you have any specific queries regarding current street works or are aware of any works not listed on this site, please contact us via the details given below.

The council's planned road and pavement improvements

To see the remedial work that has been identified for the roads in the borough, please visit our Highways Maintenance Programme.

Who is digging up the road?

We receive a number of enquiries and questions every day regarding the public highway, often asking "who is digging up the road"? It's a common misconception that we are responsible for all excavations on the highway. In fact, statutory undertakers carry out the vast majority of highway excavations.

There is legislation which defines the relationship between local authorities and statutory undertakers. This is the New Roads and Street works Act 1991.

Report a problem

If you have any concerns regarding works that are taking place on the road or highway, please use the Street Maintenance Form to report the problem.

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