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Dudley Skyline

Roads, Highways and Pavements

Dudley Council provides a range of services to maintain and improve Dudley's roads, highways and pavements. This includes the management and maintenance of highways and street lighting, festive decorations, winter gritting and highway flooding in the borough.

You can find out about roadworks in your area online. By searching on a street name you will be able to see what works are planned, or have been carried out in that street.

Highway Licences

In order to undertake work on the Highway, it is usually necessary to obtain permission from the Council, in the form of licence, permit or consent form. In some cases a fee will be payable.

Written permission from the Council must be obtained before any work can be carried out.

There are approximately 250 kilometres of Public Rights of Way in the Borough of Dudley, ranging from countryside walks to urban walkways. They provide both highway and leisure facilities that are protected by law.

New Traffic Scheme

The Traffic Scheme Consultation Database is a way for you to find out what consultations concerning traffic schemes have happened, are happening or are about to happen in the Dudley Borough.

We want to hear your views and within the database you can enter your comments.

Highway Improvement

The map displays approximate extents of highway improvement schemes. If you require any further information please contact

Highway Adoption

An adopted road or highway is one where the Local Authority has taken on the legal responsibility for it's maintenance up to a particular standard. Please click on the link to read more about Highway Adoption.

Report a problem

The Council is responsible for the Naming and numbering of streets, and the changing / reallocation of individual property addresses.

The Council is responsible for road markings and signage on the highway and investigates complaints of damage or deterioration.

The safety of all is paramount when works have to be carried out on the highway.

If it is unsafe to carry out work in proximity to 'live' traffic, it is sometimes necessary to put road closures and diversions in place.


View a variety of interactive and static mapping which displays information about the local area, the roads, and the properties.