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Important Planning Update

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Blackbrook Valley Area Local Development Order (LDO)

Adoption of the Blackbrook Valley Area Local Development Order (LDO)

The LDO was adopted by Dudley Council on the 21st of March 2018 and since the 1st of April 2018 has been in operation. A copy of the adopted LDO is attached below as a PDF document.

The Blackbrook Valley

The LDO covers sites and existing premises within the Blackbrook Valley area of Dudley Borough: this is essentially the existing industrial areas to the east of Pedmore Road, centred on Peartree Lane and Narrowboat Way: the LDO area is mapped out in detail within the LDO document at Schedule 1 (Page 15) .

The purpose of the LDO

The broad purpose of the LDO is to encourage industrial development to come forward within this area through a simplified planning process - i.e. without the need for planning permission - providing that proposed development meets certain criteria.

How the LDO relates to the DY5 Enterprise Zone

Vacant sites within the Blackbrook Valley Area are part of Dudley’s Business and Innovation Enterprise Zone (DY5 EZ) and qualify for DY5 EZ benefits, including up to £55,000 business rate relief over a five year period. To find out more about the DY5 EZ benefits visit DY5 Enterprise Zone.

With DY5 EZ incentives and a simplified planning process through the LDO, the Blackbrook Valley has the opportunity to expand into a new High Value Manufacturing Hub, facilitated by the proposed new Midland Metro line. It is envisaged that this package of measures will bring significant benefits to the area, including employment opportunities.

Summary of the LDO

In summary, the LDO states:-

  • The criteria a proposal needs to meet to be considered under the LDO process

  • What information the Council requires for validating an LDO application, and

  • The conditions which would be attached if a proposal is approved under the LDO process

Consultation on the Blackbrook Valley Local Development Order (LDO)

The draft Blackbrook Valley Area LDO was approved by the Council on the 26 October 2017 to go forward for consultation. The consultation period ran for 6 weeks from Friday 3rd November 2017 to Friday 15th December 2017. The responses received from that consultation helped to inform the final LDO document. A table outlining the comments made during this consultation and the Council’s response – the Consultation Statement - can be found as a PDF document at the bottom of this page.

Applying for an LDO

To apply under the LDO process, an LDO Compliance Application Form (LDO-CAF) will need to be completed and submitted to the Council, along with a fee of £462 (subject to change) and other submission requirements as set out in Schedule 3 (Page 20 of the LDO). These include a Ground Condition Statement to have been previously agreed by the Council’s Land Contamination Team.

The Council will seek to determine the outcome of an LDO application within 28 dates of it being submitted.

Further details on how to apply through this LDO process can be found within Section 6 (Page 7) of the LDO document, and a copy of the LDO-CAF can be found as a PDF document below.

Lifetime of the LDO

The LDO is likely to be in operation for a 10 year period, from 2018 to 2028.