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You can make a referral for any child aged up to 5 who lives within Dudley or who accesses a Dudley setting or provider.

Based at the five family centres, the Integrated Early Years’ Service is new in Dudley. We provide support to children, families and early years providers across the borough. We also have a  wealth of knowledge and expertise for children with additional needs. Our main aim is to ensure that children aged 0-5 receive the right support at the right time. We offer:

  • training
  • supportive visits to providers
  • stay and play sessions with families
  • home visits

To provide this support to yourselves, we work close with health and care colleagues.

Are you concerned about your child's development?

  • Are you worried about your child’s speech and language development? Do you think that they should be using more spoken words than they are?
  • Is your child not responding to requests as you would like them to?
  • Are you having difficulties with getting your child to try new foods? Are they showing some sensory differences?
  • Have you noticed that your child is struggling to hold and use daily equipment such as a paintbrush, dough cutting tools?
  • Does your child not always respond to their name being called or appear to not hear?
We will respond to the referral based on the individual child and family need. This could include:
  • signposting to one of our support groups
  • training
  • our advice line
  • special educational needs and disability (SEND) forum
  • or through a bespoke support package
For general advice please contact your named cluster team members. There is no need to complete this referral form. For parent/carer referrals, please contact the cluster lead for the child and family's home address. For example, if you live within Halesowen, please use the Halesowen email address. The cluster lead will offer advice and support for next steps in relation to a referral. You can contact us by email or you can call Integrated Early Years' Service on 01384 814364. Please title your email as Parent/Carer Referral for Integrated Early Years' Service.