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What can I do if my private drain blocks?

During the normal working week, the Drainage Section can give advise or you may alternatively choose to employ a private contractor; there is a wide choice to be found in Yellow Pages under "Drain and Pipe Cleaning". Always ask for and compare quotes before employing any contractor.

Where several houses are affected by a blockage in a shared sewer you should Severn Trent Water Ltd.

What can I do if a public sewer blocks?

Telephone Severn Trent Water Ltd. on 0800 7834444.

What happens if my private drain requires repair?

You should arrange for repair by a contractor. The cost of repairs to private drains are the responsibility of the owner(s) of the property it serves.

Your Buildings Insurance Policy may cover the cost of repairs - look under the "Accidental Damage to Services" clause in your Policy.

What happens if I don't clear the blockage or carry out repairs?

Dudley Council has various Public Health powers under several Acts of Parliament which enable it to require, by formal legal notice, the clearance of any blockage or the undertaking of any necessary repair works in the private part of the drainage system. Failure to comply with formal legal notices is an offence and can lead to prosecution. The works may be carried out by the Council in default and the costs recovered from those responsible.

How much will it cost me, if the Council have carried out drainage repairs, to alleviate a Public Health Nuisance, in default of a legal notice

The amount payable will include the actual costs to be charged for private drainage default works plus supervision.

In addition an administrative charge will apply to each individual invoice raised to Owner/Occupier(s) of properties where we have carried out drainage repairs, to alleviate a Public Health nuisance, in default of a legal notice. Please see the following link for details of the private drainage fees that will apply.

Blocked Road Drains and Gullies

Please use our Blocked Highway Drains form to report a problem with a gully (e.g. blockages) or have dropped something (e.g. keys) accidentally into the gully contact us. Please note that all reports of gullies being misused will be dealt with confidentially.

Can the Council offer advice?

Yes. The Drainage section will offer advice as part of its Public Health duty. If you have any queries, do not hesitate to contact us using the details at the bottom of the page.

Preventing blockages

The drainage and sewerage system was not designed to handle personal items such as sanitary towels, disposable nappies or incontinence pads. It has been estimated that two thirds of blockages are caused by people flushing disposable items.

Nor can it cope with lots of food waste such as rice or fat, which tends to solidify in the pipes.

Disposing of personal items:

Sanitary towels, tampons, condoms, bandages: Wrap well and dispose of along with other domestic waste.

Disposable nappies: Flush any solids (but not the nappy) down the toilet. Wrap well and dispose of with your usual domestic waste.

Razor blades: Pop used blades into a rigid container such as a tin can, that you are also throwing into the dustbin. Blades should never be flushed down the toilet.

Medicines: Any unwanted or unused medicines should be returned to your local pharmacy.

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