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Applying for a Council Home

In Dudley, as in other parts of the country, there are more people looking for council housing than there are available properties.

If you are looking for housing in the Dudley borough one option is rented accommodation from the Council or other registered providers (housing associations).

The council has a number of properties across the borough, which you can enquire about without being on the housing waiting list.

Before applying to join the housing waiting list for council housing with Dudley MBC please read the following information; you can then decide if this service is right for you.

Who can apply for housing?

Our housing waiting list is open to people who have lived and/or worked in Dudley for at least the last two years, except for

  • people who are excluded from housing because of their immigration status

  • people we individually exclude because of their previous serious anti-social behaviour or breach of tenancy conditions with any landlord

Applications from existing tenants of Dudley Council who wish to move will only be considered following a visit from their Housing Manager to confirm that their home is in good order and all other tenancy conditions are being maintained.

Applications for a transfer to alternative property will not normally be accepted from any Dudley Council tenant within two years of the tenancy start date.

Some people can join our list but will be given lower priority -

  • people who currently own a property or have sold or transferred ownership of a property within the last five years and can afford to rent privately

  • people who owe rent or other housing related debts but are not excluded

Who will get priority for housing?

The council uses a banding scheme that shows what priority you may be awarded. Your application will be assessed on your individual circumstances and you will be placed in one of seven bands.

Please see the Bandings page for further information.

How and where do I apply for housing?

Once you have completed your on-line pre-assessment, if you decide to continue with an application you will need the following information:

  • National Insurance number for yourself, your partner or joint applicant where applicable
  • Names and dates of birth for everyone living at your current address whether they are moving with you or not
  • Address history for the past 10 years for yourself and your partner where applicable
  • Names and contact details for anyone supporting you

It is also important to remember when applying for housing that you must be able to afford the rent and other associated costs. This could be in the form of Housing Benefits; however, you should be aware of any changes to welfare benefits.

:: I want to apply for council housing

What if I'm in a lower band?

You may still have an opportunity of being successful for flats and maisonettes in Bands 5, 6 and 7 and applicants in these bands willing to consider every type of accommodation should therefore not be discouraged from applying.

There are a range of other options which you may wish to consider such as renting privately, shared ownership, mutual exchange or sheltered housing. Dudley Council offers its residents a Housing Options Service providing information and advice. You do not need to join the waiting list to use this service.

I have completed my application form - what do I do now?

Please see the application process.

Medical assessment application

To help you decide if you need to complete a medical assessment application please refer to our medical terms and conditions.

If you are applying for housing and have a medical need you will be able to complete a medical assessment form as part of your on-line housing application if this is appropriate.

If you already have a housing application you can apply for medical assessment on a separate medical assessment form - you will need your housing application number (this is the number used for bidding).

Exceptional needs

Every situation is different occasionally there are circumstances that are not adequately recognised in our lettings policy. If you feel that this applies to you please let us know when you make your application so that your circumstances can be considered.

Housing fraud

Dudley Council has a zero tolerance to fraud and is determined to crack down on offenders and has set up a new fraud hotline to make it easier for people to report suspected cases of fraud.

:: more information about housing fraud

Dudley at Home

Once accepted onto Dudley’s housing register you can view available properties and ‘bid’ for any that meet your housing criteria. The term ‘bid’ simply means stating an interest in a property. The Dudley at Home website lists properties that are available from Dudley Council and other registered providers of social housing.

For more information about Dudley at Home please see the related documents to the right.

Dudley at Home app

A new app is now available for mobile devices. Use your Dudley at Home login details to download the app here.

Dudley at Home - support for vulnerable customers

We are committed to providing help with the application process for those who need it. Customers who do not have computer access at home can use a computer free of charge at Dudley Council Plus, area housing offices and libraries. Customers who, through age or disability, are unable to place bids for themselves, are allocated a member of staff who will keep in touch with them and place bids on their behalf when required.

Supported and sheltered housing

Furnished Tenancies

Most tenancies with Dudley MBC are let unfurnished.

The only exceptions at present are our homeless families emergency accommodation, which has essential furnishings, and some sheltered accommodation, which may have cookers and/or refrigerators provided.

Furnished accommodation is more often available in the private sector, and may be advertised in the local press or through Estate Agents.

In some circumstances, new Council tenants who are on certain Social Security benefits may be entitled to a grant or loan. Advice may be obtained from Jobcentre Plus or the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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