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We have locations throughout the borough where you can rent a council garage. Anyone can apply, as long as you live in the Dudley borough. Please note that we are not currently accepting new applications.

Garage rental scheme suspension

Dudley Council's garage rental scheme is currently suspended. Michael Lyons, Interim Lead - Compliance and Building Safety, provided the following statement:

"At the present time the authority is undertaking a review of all garage stock. This review is looking at the condition, the demand and the potential future use of the garage stock across the entire borough.

"To support the authority in this process, no existing applications for garages are being processed beyond their current stage, and a halt has been put in place on accepting or processing new applications.

"Once the review is complete and a decision has been made on the future availability of garage stock across the borough, this will be communicated on the authority’s website. The authority will not be communicating on a one to one basis with customers, but will be writing to all customers as part of the upcoming Stock Condition Exercise being undertaken by Savills across 100% of our housing stock."

Do you want to rent a garage from us?

Map legend:

  • Green tick are garage locations where we have spaces available to rent
  • Red cross are garage locations where there are no current vacancies

Where there are no vacancies you can apply to go on a waiting list. There is a high demand for garages, we will contact you as soon as we can to arrange a viewing.

If you cannot see or use the map, please use the online form.

  • Garages are available to all Dudley Borough residents. Priority will be given to Dudley MBC Council Tenants and Leaseholders.
  • Garage weekly rents are between £6.29 to £14.23. Non DMBC Tenants and Leaseholders must pay VAT on the weekly rent.
  • All garage payments must be made by Direct Debit
  • The vehicle must be registered to your address, otherwise your application will not be accepted
  • The garage is to be used exclusively for keeping a vehicle in and no other purpose.

Other parking options for tenants