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Household Support Fund

Due to predicted high demand, applications for the Household Support Fund have now closed. Further support can be found on our Cost of Living and Household Support pages

The Partnership is made up of Dudley Council and the housing associations currently operating in the borough. The purpose of the partnership is to raise the profile of social housing, as a lot of people are unsure about what housing associations are and what housing services they offer.

Housing Associations work with Dudley Council to meet housing needs and build stronger communities across the Borough. By delivering good quality affordable homes and good housing services, housing associations help the council and the Dudley Community Partnership to regenerate Dudley and to create healthy, safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.

Housing associations are in fact, nationally, the largest provider of social housing both for rent and to buy. They also offer services such as sheltered housing, supported housing for those with specific needs, as well as shared ownership and a number of HomeBuy schemes.

The aims of the group are to :

  • work with the council to create and support stronger communities

  • support and help contribute to the renaissance and regeneration of Dudley as a prosperous borough for people to live and work and to create healthy, safe and sustainable neighbourhoods.

  • be the primary vehicle for discussion, negotiation and joint working with the council and other strategic bodies on all matters relating to the activities of housing associations operating in Dudley.

  • work with the council and other agencies to respond to, and influence, changing housing markets and the housing aspirations of people in Dudley

  • work with the council and other agencies to develop and implement the borough's housing strategy link housing development opportunities to strategic investment plans for community regeneration and estate based initiatives, within the priorities agreed by the Dudley Housing Partnership.

  • develop and share best practice which can be used to create successful and sustainable neighbourhoods reflecting local, regional and sub-regional priorities and aspirations.

  • co-ordinate the activities of housing associations, council housing and other providers to deliver excellent services in neighbourhood regeneration.