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The Children (Performances and Activities (England) Regulations 2014 states that in certain circumstances, children taking part in entertainment must be supervised by a Chaperone (Reg.15). If a child takes part in a performance or activity for which they need a licence, this can include TV or filming, theatre, sporting activities or modelling, they will also require a chaperone who is responsible for their welfare.

Please download and complete the appropriate Word or PDF version of the application form first from the options below. Once done, submit your completed application form and other relevant documentation using the online form.

Children in entertainment and performances must be in the care of their legal guardian (usually their parents) or an approved chaperone at all times. Aunts, uncles, grandparents and childminders are not legal guardians (unless the courts have recognised them as such) so need to be approved in order to chaperone a child.

Any adult living in the Dudley borough may apply to Dudley MBC to be registered as an Approved Chaperone. The Education Investigation Service will undertake the 'approval' of chaperones.

Chaperones are approved for three years and will be required to re-register to remain on our approved list. Any approval is subject to the Licensing Authority being satisfied that the person would be able to exercise proper care and control of the children, and that they will not be prevented from carrying out their duty as Chaperone by other duties. Any breach of these conditions could lead to the approval being withdrawn.

As several checks have to be made, the time span between the Licensing Authority receiving an application and approval being granted can take up to two months.

Applicants will also have to apply to the Disclosure and Barring Service for an Enhanced Certificate of Disclosure before approval as a chaperone. This check is carried out through Dudley MBC.