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DfES School Name arrow_drop_down Headteacher Name Phase Telephone Email
3325200 Alder Coppice Primary School Mr Peter Mandelstam Primary 01384-816610 admin@alder.dudley.sch.uk
3322123 Amblecote Primary School Mrs Jane Cook (acting) Primary 01384-818335 Info@amblecote.dudley.sch.uk
3322141 Ashwood Park Primary School Mr Keith Butler Primary 01384-818545 info@ashwood.dudley.sch.uk
3325403 Beacon Hill Academy Mr Mark Thorogood Secondary 0845-155-0411 info@beaconhillacademy.org.uk
3322003 Beechwood Church of England Primary School Mrs Hilary Wheeldon Primary 01384-816715 info@beechwood.school
3322151 Belle Vue Primary School Mr Joel Marshall Primary 01384-818615 info@belle-vue.dudley.sch.uk
3324800 Bishop Milner Catholic College Mr Richard May Secondary 01384-889422 info@bmilner.dudley.sch.uk
3322077 Blanford Mere Primary School Mrs Nikki Miller Primary 01384-818365 Info@blanford.dudley.sch.uk
3322000 Blowers Green Primary School Mrs Surinder Sehmbi Primary 01384-818490 Info@blowers.dudley.sch.uk
3322001 Bramford Primary School Mrs Lisa Guest Primary 01384-818915 Info@bramford.dudley.sch.uk
3322023 Brierley Hill Primary School Mrs Teresa Allport Primary 01384-816980 Info@brierley.dudley.sch.uk
3322024 Brockmoor Primary School Mr Russell Bond Primary 01384-816635 info@brockmoor.dudley.sch.uk
3322142 Bromley Hills Primary School Mr Jon Stevens Primary 01384-816940 info@bromhills.dudley.sch.uk
3322029 Brook Primary School Mrs Marie Fellows Primary 01384-389888 info@brook.dudley.sch.uk
3322112 Caslon Primary Community School Mrs Lynnette Holden-Gough Primary 01384-818875 Info@caslon.dudley.sch.uk
3321102 Cherry Tree Learning Centre Mrs Victoria Howard (HoC) Pupil Referral Unit (PRU) 01384-813739 Info@ctlc.dudley.sch.uk
3323010 Christ Church CofE Primary School Mrs Sarah Riley Primary 01384-818375 info@christ-ch.dudley.gov.uk
3323007 Church of the Ascension CofE Primary School Mr Stephen Hudson Primary 01384-818760 Info@chur-ascen.dudley.sch.uk
3322102 Colley Lane Primary Academy Miss Helen Hale Primary 01384-4900450 info@colley.windsoracademytrust.org.uk
3322130 Cotwall End Primary School Mrs Claire Williams Primary 01384-818730 Info@cotwall.dudley.sch.uk