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Parents who park dangerously outside schools could be fined or taken to court

Operation Park Safe aims to make streets outside schools safer for children, staff and parents. The initiative will need the help of everyone. The police will be asking parents, teachers and residents living near to schools to be their eyes and ears.

Reporting an incident

Anyone reporting an incident should complete form that can be downloaded on this page.

The police are also inviting people to send photos of dangerous parking directly to officers. Police will review the evidence before deciding whether to issue fixed penalty notices or take court action.

Examples of dangerous parking where action can be taken includes:

  • Parking on a pedestrian crossing.
  • Parking on school zig zag lines.
  • Parking near to school entrances in a manner which would prevent access for emergency services vehicles.
  • Blocking residents by parking across driveways.
  • Preventing access for pedestrians by parking across pavements.

Your completed Park Safe reporting form should be emailed to West Midlands Police