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We are responsible for the location and maintenance of pedestrian crossings in Dudley.

Every year Dudley Council receive requests for zebra or light controlled crossings from residents. Although each request is taken on its own merits, the following factors are taken into consideration in assessing the need for a crossing:

  • the record of personal injury accidents, including those involving pedestrians
  • the volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic
  • the potential for conflict between pedestrians and vehicles
  • the difficulty that pedestrians face from traffic speed
  • the length of time pedestrians have to wait before they can cross
  • the location e.g. close to stations or town centres
  • pedestrian routes used by children walking to school
  • locations that may be used in particular by the elderly or disabled

As well as requests from the public, possible sites are identified from accident records, and a detailed study of the sites to assess the problems and possible solutions then takes place. If these studies show that signals or crossings are warranted then the location is considered for inclusion in the pedestrian facilities works programme. Please note that a pedestrian crossing does not necessarily lower the accident rate on the road.

If you would like to know more about the provision of pedestrian crossings please use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Here are the different types of crossings available, follow the links to find out how pedestrians and drivers should use them.

Pelican Crossings

Pelican Crossings are light controlled crossings, with traffic lights for drivers and a red and green man for pedestrians.

The criteria for all pedestrian crossings are set down by the Department for Transport which has strict rules that we must follow. Vehicle and pedestrian counts must be used to assess the degree of vehicle and pedestrian conflict at a potential crossing site together with any local factors that may need to be taken into consideration. 

Puffin Crossings

Puffin Crossings are like pelican crossings, but they have detectors that can tell when people are waiting to cross. This is why you must stand by the push button box if the red man signal is showing. The detectors also "watch" the crossing and control the light signals so that you have time to cross in safety.


Zebra Crossings

Zebra Crossings are used on roads where there is a lower degree of vehicle and pedestrian conflict.

A Zebra Crossing consists of thick black and white strips across a road with an orange flashing “belisha” beacon on either pavement. It gives pedestrians the right of way, however you must make sure that all traffic has stopped before you use the crossing.


Toucan Crossings

Toucan crossings are where pedestrians and cyclists share a wide and unsegregated crossing area. Cyclists can ride across – all users should avoid changing direction suddenly. Cyclists should keep their speed down and be prepared to give way to avoid possible conflicts.


Requests for new pedestrian crossings

If you would like to request a new facility please use our Pedestrian Crossing Request Form

Reporting a problem with Pedestrian Crossings

To report a problem with a faulty Pedestrian Crossing please use our Street Lighting Report Form