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The school-run accounts for a sizeable chunk of rush- hour traffic. It causes congestion, pollution and danger outside most schools (as you will know if you experience it every day).

If more families were able to walk to school occasionally, then communities would experience the environmental and health benefits associated with fewer vehicles on the roads in their neighbourhood. We'd be fitter and healthier for a start!

Walk to School Week is celebrated annually in schools across Dudley. We also organise "Walking Wednesdays" to coincide with events such as Travelwise Week and International Walk to School Week.

Still not sure if it's a good idea to join us in Walking to School? Here are some of the benefits for children and parents...

  • It's less stressful than driving - pushchairs are easier to park than cars.

  • It's a healthy way to save money - no motoring costs.

  • It's a healthy way of doing your bit for the environment - it cuts down on pollution.

  • It's informative - you see more of your locality when you walk.

  • It's friendly - you can meet and make friends on the way.

  • It's quality time to chat with your children about their day.

  • It's educational - by walking together, you can really put road safety theory into practice.

  • It's considerate - by keeping the roads near the school clear of traffic, you re making life easier for pedestrians.

  • It's fun - there are lots of games you can play on the way.

  • It keeps you and your children fit - start the day with fresh air and exercise. You'll feel great!

  • If you are interested in a Walk to School event you can contact us using the form below. We may be able to provide stickers, activity books, walking diaries, lesson plans, posters, banners and certificates.

For more ideas and inspiration, have a look at:

Walking Bus

Walking Buses are a fun interactive way for children to walk to school as a group under the supervision of at least two volunteers. By working on a rota system it can save parents / carers having to take their children to school every day.

Informal Bus

You could set up an informal ‘bus’ with friends and neighbours. Taking turns to walk your children to school or walk with your friends.

Park and Walk

If you need to use your car try parking further afield and walk for the last few hundred metres.

What are the benefits?

  • It provides a safe and environmentally-friendly way for children to travel to school
  • Children can develop their road sense
  • It encourages children to start the walking ‘habit’ which we hope will stay with them for the rest of their lives
  • It helps promote independence and develops social skills
  • Through daily exercise people’s general fitness levels can be increased
  • It encourages walking, which can reduce traffic and fumes near the school


Training and assistance in setting up and running a walking bus can be provide by Dudley Council’s Road Safety Unit.

If you are a parent (or teacher) interested in getting involved with helping to run a walking bus please contact us using the details below.

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