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Planning Aid (England) provides free* and independent professional planning advice for community groups and individuals.

PAE can advise on, for example:-

A. Commenting on planning applications or planning appeals;

B. How to get involved in plan making in your local area;

C. Developing your own plans for the future of your area;

D. Learning how the planning system works.

PAE provide a 3 Stage approach:-

1. Firstly, a Planning Aid Direct Web Resource which is free to use and provides answers to the questions people often ask about planning, as well as clear explanations on how the planning system works;

2. If you cannot find the support or information you require after using Planning Aid Direct, PAE offers a limited amount of free general planning advice: Advice Service;

3. If you require further support after using Planning Aid Direct and the Advice Service, then if you meet the eligibility criteria* (essentially in not being able to afford a planning consultant), PAE can pass your case onto a local, professionally qualified volunteer/caseworker.

For more information and how to use this service, please visit PAE’s website: