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The Chapel at Stourbridge Cemetery and Crematorium

Stourbridge Crematorium chapel provides a warm and intimate feel for the funeral service, all denominations are welcome, and whilst Gornal Wood Chapel is of a more modern design every effort is made to retain a warm and friendly atmosphere.

On arriving at the chapel you are welcome to take a seat in our waiting room, or if the weather is pleasant, pass time in our tranquil and beautiful grounds. Upon the arrival of the funeral cortege, the coffin will be removed from the hearse and placed upon the bier just inside the main chapel doors. The coffin will then be wheeled down the aisle, normally preceded by the minister; chapel attendant, close family, the funeral director and then the rest of the mourners will follow directly behind. On reaching the end of the aisle the coffin will be lifted and placed upon the catafalque. After everyone is seated, funeral staff will disperse, allowing the service to continue.

At the committal is it common for the curtains to close in front of the catafalque, though this is a point of personal preference, it is to be noted that at Gornal Wood Crematorium the coffin can be lowered also. At the end of the service the minister will normally lead the way out of the chapel, whilst the funeral director will attend to the family. The chapel is exited from the double doors on the right hand side, which leads out to our flower patio, where the flowers will be displayed for 7 days. The floral tributes belong to the family, so please feel free to take them elsewhere or remove the cards during this time. If possible please inform a member of staff that you are removing the flowers.

Members of the public are most welcome to visit the chapel between services if they wish.

Music information for funeral services

Music required to be played during a funeral service should be requested through your funeral director. They have access to an online library supplied by Obitus that contains many hymns and music tracks.

A number of musical items can be requested for the funeral service but please note that the total service time is 30 minutes.

An organ is also available in the chapel. Please contact your funeral director to arrange an organist if you wish for the organ to be played during the service.

The Service

As both our chapels are non-denominational we will do our best to accommodate any individual requirements you may have, providing we are kept informed. Please insure that your Funeral Director and Minister are aware of your wishes. As our service time runs to only 30 minutes, there is an option to book a double time (most of the year) at a slight increase in fee.

The actual content of the service in very much down to the family, a minister is not compulsory – a family may simply wish to sit quietly for the duration or the service, or for a family member to speak.

Families are welcome to provide their own organist, we can organise a time slot for them to practise on the chapel organ if required. We can also provide the most popular hymns in large print or Braille.

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