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Help with Funeral expenses
The Social Fund, which is part of the social security system, is able to sometimes provide grants towards the expenses incurred from arranging a funeral, where the individual arranging the funeral does not have suitable funds to cover the costs involved. In certain cases a single lump sum is available to assist, this must be claimed within three months of the funeral taking place.
The individual who actually applies for the grant must be receiving one of a number of recognised benefits, also the grant maybe refused if an immediate family member is not receiving a qualifying benefit.
Any savings over a certain sum must also be taken into consideration.
Reimbursement of the Social Fund payment may become an issue if it is found that there are assets within the estate of the deceased person. The Local Authority will only take on the responsibility of making all suitable arrangements regarding a funeral when it is established that the deceased has no friends or relatives able to accept this undertaking, or if those relatives do not have sufficient funds.
If you think you may qualify for a Local Authority funeral and need further advice, please contact either of the below telephone numbers or contact your local social security office and ask for leaflet number SB16;
The Department for Work and Pensions, West Bromwich; (0121) 331 8345/8287
Dudley MBC. Adult Community and Housing Directorate; (01384) 815811