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Under the National Assistance Act 1948 the Council has a duty to arrange a ‘municipal funeral’ in the following circumstances:

  • If someone dies and has no relatives to arrange and pay for the funeral

  • If someone dies and the relatives cannot afford to pay for the funeral. Relatives must first seek assistance from the DSS. The Council can only assist if the DSS is unable to do so.

The Council will make arrangements for the funeral with a contracted undertaker. It will be a simple funeral e.g. no car can be provided for the family. It will be a cremation unless a burial plot has already been purchased.

The Council can also arrange funerals for people who have been subject of the Court of Protection.


The funeral can only be booked by the Council with the contracted undertaker by phone or in person.



Payment is made by invoice through the BACS system. Payment by internet is not possible at present