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Replacements, Repairs and Restoration

Replacement for your crystal

Many people spend years collecting a particular pattern. Suddenly it is no longer available, either because the manufacturer has gone out of business or because the line is discontinued. If you are in this position, it may be worthwhile contacting the following companies:

Discontinued Designs

If this company cannot help you, you could directly approach one of the crystal manufacturers listed below.

Website: www.discontinueddesigns.co.uk

Brierley Hill Crystal 

Long-established family company specialising in traditional deep cutting and engraving, clear and coloured crystal, commissions undertaken.

Website: www.brierleyhillcrystal.co.uk

Dartington Crystal

Staffordshire Crystal

This is run by two former Webb Corbett employees, so they may be able to help with Webb Corbett patterns as well as other patterns.

Tudor Crystal 

Tudor may be able to help with old Thomas Webb patterns as there is a historical link between the two firm, as well as Tudor patterns and patterns by other companies.

Website: www.tudorcrystal.com

Tutbury Crystal

Waterford Crystal Ltd 

Waterford may also be able to help with Stuart patterns, as Stuart Crystal has been part of the Waterford Wedgewood group since 1996. They also own Edinburgh Crystal, who owned Thomas Webb.

Website: www.waterford.co.uk

Repairs and Restoration

The following companies may be able to help repair and restore any damaged glass:

F W Aldridge Ltd

Address: Unit 3, St John's Industrial Estate, Dunmow Road, Takeley, Essex CM22 6SP

R.P. Crowe

Address: Ham Green Farm, Upchurch, Sittingbourne, Kent ME9 7HH

Sandra Davison

Address: 68 East Street, Thame, Oxfordshire OX9 3JS

Tel: 01842 214498

Dawn Crystal

Glass Repair Service

Website: www.dawncrystal.co.uk

Bob Hall

Paperweight restoration

Address: 81 Milby Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 6JR

Tel: 02476 386172 

Wilkinson Plc

Specialises in the restoration of cut glass and chandeliers

Website: www.wilkinson-ltd.com

Bradley Crystal

Glass repair service

Website: www.bradleycrystal.co.uk