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We offer a range of talks and practical sessions for your pupils. We know you will be teaching to different exam boards so we can adapt content to suit your needs.

  • Woman in Glass Fusing Studio painting

Practical Workshops

Students can work in our Glass Fusing Studio at the Cone. 

We can:

  • Teach new skills and techniques in our fusing studio
  • Give you a small exhibition space to display the students work
  • Provide opportunities for students to chat to real artists about their work, and how they work
  • Give you some time to work, alongside your students, as an artist too. 

Price is dependent on the length of time you require - anything from one hour up to a whole day - or a whole week. 

Self led

You are very welcome to bring your students to either of our venues and use our facilities for free. 

We know that sometimes you need to get out of the classroom to take photographs, work on sketchbooks or just need a different environment. 

Please book in advance, let us know you are coming and we can help you prepare for the day.

As long as you can deliver and supervise your students with your own staff, you don't need to pay.