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Red House Glass Cone Coffee House closed

Please note:  Our on site Coffee House is currently closed.  The rest of the site and studios are open as  normal.  As the studios are independently run they are not open every day so if there is someone special you want to see we recommend you contact them before your arrival.

The Cone has been featured in many programmes over the years detailing its history and often used as an historic backdrop.

Rosie & Jim

In 1990 The Cone was visited by the characters of Rosie and Jim, and the programmes creator John Cuncliffe, or Fizzgog – as he was affectionately called by the show’s title characters. They arrived via the canal on their boat Ragdoll. Whilst here they were introduced to the glassmaking process and spent time at the former Stuart Crystal works across the road from the Cone. Later a book followed based on the episode called Rosie and Jim and the Glass Blowers.

Industrial Revelations

In 2005 the Fast Show actor and comedian Mark Williams visited the site during the production of Industrial Revelations. The series explored the Industrial Revolution. By visiting historically important industrial sites the series introduced the viewer to Britain’s industrial landscape, allowing them to see how, where and when certain inventions, manufacturing processes and items were conceived.

Mark William’s and the show’s crew made their way to the Cone for Episode 6.

Fashion Fix

In 2009 Gok Wan brought his Fashion Fix team to the Cone to help-out local lady Mandy Moore in her mission to revitalise her wardrobe.  They used the canal side area to hang up Mandy’s Wardrobe and surprise her as she arrived by canal boat.

After filming Gok tried his hand at blowing glass.

  • TV Gok Wan clothes on line by side of canal
  • TV Gok Wan Glassbowing inside the Cone with Charlotte Hughes-Martin

The Water Boatman

In 2010 canal enthusiast Alan Herd visited the site as part of a series in which he navigated the Stourport Ring.

The Cone featured in Episode 12. Stourbridge Town Arm plays from 22:00 to 30:00. Alan travelled to the Cone on the Black Countryman boat found out about the site’s history and had a go at glassmaking with glass artists Caroline Scully and Tim Boswell.    

Great British Railway Journeys

In 2012, presenter and former Conservative MP, Michael Portillo travelled to Stourbridge as part of the series 'Great British Railway Journeys'. 

During his trip he ventured to the Cone, and tried his hand at bead-making with resident artist Sarah Cordingley.

  • Michael Portillo at The Red House Glass Cone

Mr Bloom. Here and There

In August 2015 popular CBeebies presenter Mr Bloom visited the Cone to film an episode with glass artist Charlotte Hughes Martin and ceramist Sarah Cannings. Alongside children from the Brook Primary School a stunning mural was produced which can be seen on the wall near the canal. The children acted as tour guides to their local area. The mural is inspired by them.

Bargain Hunt

In May 2017 presenter Natasha Raskin Sharpe took a tour of the site with Dr Kate Round, before helping to produce a distinctive blue and red plate with Charlotte Hughes Martin. The plates are to be auctioned off by the programme to raise funds for Children in Need.

The show was aired in August 2017. 

  • Natasha Raskin Sharp from TV Bargain Hunt with Tour Guide Kate Round inside the Cone
  • TV Bargain Hunt Natasha Raskin filming