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Buckpool Nature Reserve neighbours Fens Pools and is connected to the Stourbridge canal. The reserve has an appearance of a natural wooded valley with ancient oak and hazel woodland.


  • Shaded and un-shaded grass/pathways
  • Grassland areas
  • Footshole pool
  • Stourbridge canal
  • Buckpool dingle running through remnants of ancient woodland
  • Car Parking adjoining wardens office and road side access points

Management of Buckpool

Wardens take care of the Buckpool Nature Reserve with work that includes vital management of habitats. Management projects on the nature reserve includes coppicing which manages the woodland by allowing a larger variety of vegetation species in the ground flora and therefore allow a larger diversity of animal species to utilise different layers of the habitat. Other wardens jobs include site patrols, clean up of the reserve - such as removal of trees on pathways and wildlife surveys for ecological records.


  • Footshole
  • Footshole 2