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Fens Pools showcase the largest area of open water in Dudley and comprises three pools Grove Pool, Middle Pool and Fens Pool.

  • Fens Pool landscape photo sunnyday
  • Photo of Fens Pool Bench
  • Fens Pool sunrise
  • Photo of Fens pool in the day time


  • Resting benches
  • Areas of shaded and un-shaded grass/pathways
  • Car Parking/ close to road side access points
  • Fens Pool Centre
  • High bird feeding stations
  • Water based resting platforms

Management of Fens Pools

Wardens take care of the Fens Pools Nature Reserve with work that includes vital management of habitats. Managing habitats such as hay cuts of grasslands and introduction of a pond connection network throughout the reserve enable a wide diversity of species to be sustained and therefore conserved. 


The diversity of habitats within the reserve sustain a wide range of animal species.

Fishing at Fens Pools

For information on fishing at Fens Pools please contact the Canal and Rivers Trust

Please note,  a close season operates from the 15th March - 15th June each year and fishing is not permitted during this period.


There are two car parks which give reasonable access to Fens Pools

  • A public car park of Chapel Street, Pensnett
  • Car park adjoining the Wardens’ Office at the junction of Pensnett Road and Blewitt street