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Find out about activities and events in parks and open spaces across the borough.


Health walks

Utilise parks and countryside sites to increase community physical activity levels, improve, general mobility and optimise opportunities for social gathering. Public Health have developed a patient referral scheme for patients initially in the catchment area of each park, this process will record the uptake, content and adherence to physical activity.


Multi-sport sessions include games such as: mini-soccer, rounders, cricket, fun athletics, parachute play time and much more. Coached sport sessions include as many of the National Curriculum based sports the parks facilities can allow. As the parks facilities are developed and improved, so will the parks range of activities on offer.

Outdoor fitness classes "Bootcamps"

  • There has been an increase in interest recently for training outdoors, and the Council is approached by personal trainers to use Parks as outdoor gyms.
  • The Council recognises the importance of health and fitness to the wider community but also needs to ensure that high quality activities are delivered from our parks.
  • If you want to approach the Council about setting up outdoor fitness classes on our Parks the following fees and charges will apply. We also need to know that the right insurance is in place and providers are qualified to a certain standard.

Let's Ride Local

Join us for guided bike rides around our beautiful borough, many of which depart from our parks and nature reserves. Find your nearest ride and book a place.

After school clubs

Provide children with the opportunity to gain some skills in a variety of sports within the community parks, away from the school setting. Qualified coaches will offer a six week programme covering valuable core aspects of the chosen sports. This will optimise the parks usage and encourage increased community use.

Special event days

Will give the opportunity for people in the community to try new innovative ways of increasing their physical activity levels. These may include:

  • Specialised Dance
  • Drama and Fitness
  • Outdoor Pursuits.
  • Friends of Parks fitness days, involving biking & fun runs.

Parks family fun days

These are park held events that cater for all the family.

  • Multi-sport sessions revolve around a programme of team game challenges.
  • Bouncy Castles provide physical activity for those who are to young to participate and to provide a fun element to the day.
  • Health walks, dance, drama and craft workshops provide physical activities in the parks environment, for those who are not sporty.

The benefits for you

  • Parks are valuable as they are the most affordable and accessible areas for leisure and physical activity.
  • Parks Activities provide stimulating social interaction for the community, enabling physical activity to become habitual and enjoyable. The activity sessions provide the opportunity for both motor and cognitive skill development through enjoyable sporting experiences.