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Fee Information 2018 Fees
Entertainment/promotional area hire per day £92.00 not subject to VAT Discount of 20% on any block booking of 5 or more days
Daily charge for leaflet distribution £20.40 not subject to VAT
Admin charge for misc fee hire e.g. charities, armed forces, religious groups etc. £20.40 not subject to VAT
Electricity usage per day £10.20 subject to VAT
Administration costs associated with approving connection of Highway Power Supply (per booking) £20.40 subject to VAT
Cancellation Charge (Entertainment /promotional area Hire) £46.00 per booking if a permit has been issued not subject to VAT
Annual Permit for up to 20 days leaflet distribution (including charities) £204.00 not subject to VAT

N.B - There is no charge for the hire of Coronation Gardens, admin charges apply