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Organising a bonfire or fireworks display

If you are in any doubt about safety, we would recommend that you always attend a local organised display such as the Himley Bonfire and Fireworks Display.

Firework displays should be enjoyable and spectacular occasions – but they obviously need some responsible planning. 

If you are organising a major public event, you will clearly need a robust and detailed approach to planning as well as professional involvement. If you are holding a local firework display, such as those organised by many sports clubs, schools, you still need to plan responsibly, but the same level of detail is not necessary or expected. Below are some tips and guidance to help you.

The information below is if you are intending to organise a display yourself and provides a summary of the safety information available to you.  Further information is available in the 'fireworks code' leaflet (available at the bottom of the page) and the HSE publication, giving your own fireworks display.

Organising firework displays

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