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It's against the law for under 18s to use a sunbed in a business premises. Using a sunbed also increases your risk of getting skin cancer.

Several scientific reports have shown a clear link between the increased use of sunbeds and increased risk of skin cancer. Strong recommendations were made regarding prohibiting the use of sunbeds to under 18’s and legislation now prevents under 18’s from using sunbeds. 

What are the risks associated with sunbeds?

Cases of skin cancer are still rising. The main cause is due to over-exposure to UV (ultraviolet) rays either from natural sunlight or from artificial rays from sunbeds or sunlamps.

In 2007 there were over 84,500 cases of non-melanoma in the UK, most of which would be treatable. Over the same period there were 10,670 cases of malignant melanoma. Malignant melanoma is the more dangerous form of skin cancer as it can spread to other organs of the body. It is the second most common cancer in 15-24 year olds in the UK.

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