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A Local Search is a legal report used within conveyancing when buying, selling or leasing properties/land. The search is used to assist the purchaser/lessee and/or mortgage/loan company to make a decision as to whether or not to invest their money.

Customer Notice

From 19th July 2021 we will no longer provide a Local Land Charges Search Service.

After this date, our Local Land Charges Register will have migrated to H M Land Registry's National Register. You will be able to access a new digital service through Portal, Business Gateway and on H M Land Registry's GOV.UK page.

Dudley MBC will continue to provide replies to Con29 enquiries. It is important to remember to only submit the required fee for the Con29 to us following 18th July 2021. For more information please visit GOV.UK


The type of search you do depends on your individual needs, and what information has already been collated.  A search consists of two parts: 

  • The LLC1 form - this deals with all register-able charges
  •  There are two types of this, either CON29R or CON290

Our Local Land Charges Team can also supply copies of Section 33, 106 and 38 agreements upon request and advance payment of an admin fee. 

Fee list 19th July 2021

Please find below a table which shows the fees (inclusive of VAT) that we charge in respect of Local Searches:

Service Charge
CON29 R £80.00
CON29 R - Each Extra Parcel £14.30 each
CON29 O (Optional printed questions 4-22) £14.35 each
Cancellation of Search £42.35
Administration Fee £14.35
Register - Only Personal Search (Local Land Charges) £0.00