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Respraying of Road Vehicles Environmental Permit (Vehicle Refinishers)

The spraying of road vehicles or part of them, carried out as part of vehicle repair, conservation or decoration outside of manufacturing installations is subject to Local Authority control with regards to emissions to air.

The key emissions from these installations are those consisting of volatile organic compounds and particulate matter. Vehicle re-sprayers using in excess of 1 tonne of organic solvents in any 12 month period will require an Environmental Permit, under the Environmental permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.

Application Evaluation Process

Pre-application discussions between operators and regulators can help in improving the quality of the formal permit application and are therefore encouraged. The permit application must be made on the form provided, it must include all the information required by the form and it must be accompanied by the relevant fee.

If the application is correctly made and includes the relevant fee it will be “duly made” which means it has been accepted by the Council.

The permit application will not be duly made if for instance;

  • It has not been submitted on the correct form
  • It does not adequately address a key point in the application
  • The relevant fee does not accompany the permit application

We aim to decide whether an application has been duly made within 10 working days of receipt.

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