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Working with us has never been easier. We have introduced an e-Tendering service and a Community Strategy that identifies sustainable development as a key aim to improving our communities quality of life both in the present and for the future.

While we are keen to obtain the lowest selling price there are other considerations in demonstrating value for money. These considerations include impact on local regeneration, waste prevention, recycling, ethical trading, human rights etc.
We also want to work with suppliers/service providers who have similar values and who want to promote social, environmental and economic benefits to the business and community.

We have a large number of contracts across many different goods and services which vary in size and value, and attract interest from all business sizes.


We believe there are many advantages to be gained through the use of readily available technology. We have therefore adopted an electronic tendering system, ‘InTend’, which is an easy to use web based system for sending and receiving tender documentation securely.

The aim of this website is to help with efficiency and savings for all parties. We ensure that:

  • Tender documents are easy to understand, stating clear requirements and criteria that the suppliers will be compared against.
  • Orders are distributed from a central point, and by email rather than higher cost methods such as hard copies in the post.
  • Payments to suppliers are made by a secure ‘BACS’ method rather than raising and posting costly cheques where possible.
  • We also promote the use of Purchase Cards and Lodge Cards across the Authority to enable the payment for goods and services to be conducted electronically. 

For further information on Purchase Card and Lodge Card schemes, please contact the Purchase Card Team on 01384 814869 or purchasecard.admin@dudley.gov.uk.

Benefits of e-Tendering to Suppliers

  • Eliminating the need for paper invoices
  • Prompt Payment – within 1 working day
  • Improving Cashflow
  • Reducing banking costs for those using a lending/overdraft facility
  • Reducing administration costs
  • Improving business opportunities (especially with other Local Authorities)
  • Improving business relationships
  • Can lead to preferred Supplier Status

Any suppliers that do not currently accept payment by VISA are encouraged to implement the Purchase Card facility.

Win Business Opportunities

We will communicate with businesses, advertise current and future tender opportunities, and advise of contracts administrated through the use of this website.

Tender opportunities are also advertised through web portals such as Contracts Finder.

Visit the Dudley MBC eTendering website.

Ethical Procurement

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of fairness in all of its financial activities, including the process of procurement.

Public sector procurement has a process where each stage is designed to ensure fairness and equal treatment of all businesses, but with value for money for the residents of Dudley.

The Suppliers Code of Practice reinforces the Council’s long established stance of being open and transparent when dealing with public money. It outlines how we expect the very highest standards from all those working together to deliver services to the residents of Dudley.

If you have any concerns regarding the conduct of any of the council employees engaged in the procurement process, you should notify the Council in line with the policies below.

Please note that all reports will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Small Medium Enterprise's (SME's)

Helping local businesses grow is important to us, therefore we are keen to work with small and medium-size enterprises (SME’s).

With guidance from the European Commission, we are working to ensure that SME’s are kept involved in our tenders and contracts, and recognise that SME’s can provide good value for money and seek to remove any barriers that may halt them from participating.

Treating SME's Fairly

Businesses of all kinds and sizes should be treated equally and The Small Business (SME) Friendly Concordat is a voluntary, non-statutory code of practice for local government bodies, such as the Dudley Council. We have signed up to further demonstrate our commitment to helping SME’s. The Concordat sets out what small firms and others supplying Local Governments can expect when tendering for Local Authority contracts. It also sets out the standards that public sector buyers should expect from their suppliers.

Briefly, the concordat gives guidance on:

  • Ensuring SME’s have access to contract opportunities and the Council website informs suppliers of tender and contract opportunities. It also gives guidance on how to trade with the Council.
  • Giving potential suppliers the opportunity to discuss the procurement process in order to understand the Council’s requirements and assess their own suitability.
  • How to ensure a fair tender process, for example, the use of standard documents, keeping processes simple and minimising costs, publication of evaluation criteria, applying rules and policies fairly.
  • Feedback and complaint procedures.
  • Contract management, for example, treating suppliers openly and fairly, paying suppliers on time, giving honest and constructive feedback on supplier performance, giving notice of performance problems and the opportunity to put matters right if appropriate.


We are keen to keep in touch with suppliers and regularly participate in events such as our ‘Meet the Buyer’. This is a meet and greet where businesses of all kinds can introduce themselves to purchasing staff from several local authorities to promote their goods and services, and discuss any concerns or queries they may have in competing in the public sector.

Communication is key and the Council does inform local businesses on important issues they need to be aware of. For example, we believe that it is important for businesses to have a Business Continuity Plan in place to cover any disruptions that may be caused by major incidents.

We are able to keep in touch with local business issues and consider best practice through participation and communication with regional groups such as:

Further information is also available via:-