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Six additional garden waste collections

Enjoy your gardening? For £30, we will continue to collect each fortnight over autumn and winter, giving you a year-long pick up.

They will start after the usual free fortnightly collections – which run from spring to autumn – finish.

The additional paid-for collections will continue to be made fortnightly.

Bins will be emptied on the usual collection day, with the six extra collections taking place between November and March next year.

Like the free service, you can use the extra collections for;
  • grass cuttings
  • hedge clippings
  • weeds
  • leaves
  • small branches
  • small pruning's

Please, do not add in;

  • animal waste
  • food waste
  • bricks/rubble/concrete
  • household waste
  • large branches/tree stumps
  • paper/cardboard
  • plastics
  • soil/stones
  • wire/nails

Frequently asked questions

Can I cancel or get a refund if I change my mind?

You can cancel the extra six collections service at any time.

Refunds are only available within a 14-day cooling off period, starting from the date of order. Following the cooling off period, any payment is not refundable.