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CCTV is closed circuit television. There are many security cameras situated both on streets and in car parks throughout the borough.

These operate by producing video images which are then transmitted to a central CCTV control room where they are monitored and recorded 24 hours a day. Recorded image are held for 28 days. If there is no legitimate reason to keep the recording then the tapes are erased and reused.

A Code of Practice exists for the operation of the CCTV system and the scheme works closely with the Police.

Who sees the pictures?

Only properly authorised and vetted control room staff working in a secure area can see the pictures. There is also the facility to share pictures with the Police or other statutory prosecuting Authority.

Can I see the tapes?

Generally no. The Data Protection Act and Human Rights Act requirements mean that the tapes remain strictly confidential unless required as evidence either by the prosecution or defence by the order of a court. In that case the tapes may be supplied to the police or a solicitor.

If you have been involved in an incident you may be entitled only to see that information held about you. You will have to complete a subject access form, which is available from Dudley MBC. You must be able to identify yourself clearly and state the precise time and location that you may have been recorded. A charge will be made for this service. Please also remember that this information is only held for 28 days.

For further information or questions please contact Dudley Council Plus.