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Freedom of Information Act 2000
Publication Scheme

If you have used this publication scheme to identify information that you require, we would normally expect any member of staff identified within the scheme, or a specified contact point, to be able to assist you in obtaining a copy of it or to be able to give you further advice. If the information you receive is not what you need, you should first contact the named officer or Directorate concerned.

If the information you have asked for is not available you should be told why.

If you believe that you have not been dealt with fairly or appropriately then you should follow the Customer Feedback process.

This process enables customers to compliment or complain about a Council service, details the service standards for dealing with complaints and lists contact details. Elected Members may be asked by customers for assistance on this.

The Council tries to provide high quality services to the people of the Dudley Borough. There are times when things are done really well, but there may be times when things go wrong and customers are left unhappy or dissatisfied with the service provided. In both cases, the Council wants to hear from such customers.

A copy of the Customer Feedback leaflet is available from reception areas in all directorates or you can access this information via the Customer Feedback web page.