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On Thursday 2 May 2024, local elections will be held in Dudley to elect local councillors.

Three seats will be up for election in each ward.

On the same day will also be the West Midlands Combined Authority Mayoral election and the the Police and Crime Commissioner.

Additional election information

Police Crime Commissioner election

On May 2 the Police Crime Commissioner elections will also be taking place following a late decision from the government.

Residents will be receiving a second poll card, adding to the poll card they should have already received for the local elections and West Midlands Mayoral election, on May 2.

The rules around registration and voter ID are exactly the same for this election.

UK Parliamentary election

The date of the next UK Parliamentary (General) election is currently unknown. The last date it can be held is 28 January 2025.

Changes to the way postal votes can submitted

There are new government rules around how you submit your postal vote, as part of a crackdown on electoral fraud.

The quickest and easiest way is to post your completed vote to us via Royal Mail, and let us sort the rest.

Any postal votes that are hand-delivered to us must be signed for at Electoral Services, Dudley Council House, Dudley.

Any postal votes hand-delivered in any other way risks not being counted.

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