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Dudley Council
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Dudley's Major Emergency Plan provides a framework for the response of the Council and its partners to a major incident in the borough or affecting the borough communities.

Emergency Assistance Centres

In an emergency the council will provide emergency assistance centres for those who have been evacuated from their homes and have nowhere else to go.  Almost 100 public buildings in the borough have been identified for this purpose.  Volunteer staff are trained to operate rest centres to ensure your welfare whilst using these buildings.

When you attend a centre you will be given a leaflet explaining what happens, a copy of this is attached for information.

In the event of an emergency would you know what to do to protect your pet? Leaving pets out of evacuation plans can put pets, pet owners, and first responders in danger. Even if you try to create a safe place for them, pets left behind during a disaster are likely to be injured, lost or worse. The following guidance provides how you can prepare for emergencies and protect your pets.