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Household support fund

This scheme is to help if you are struggling to pay your bills due to the cost of living increases - Household support fund application.

Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

Community asset transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for buildings or land from the local authority to a voluntary or community organisation. It presents opportunities to ensure that facilities can continue to be available locally for social, community and public use.

Voluntary and community organisations are often best placed to:

  • take on and manage council-owned facilities in their area.

  • access external funding that is closed to the council, which may provide additional support to sustain the asset.

  • use their knowledge and hands-on management of a property that can lead to greater independence, lower overheads and better value-for-money, as well as a more extensive use of the facility.

Local groups can make an application to manage council-owned property on a short or long term basis, as long as the transfer of ownership (or leasehold) demonstrates real and lasting benefit in local neighbourhoods.

The local authority is fully committed to using council assets to form long-term partnerships with suitable voluntary and community organisations, in order to create stronger, more cohesive and more sustainable communities.

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