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The Types of community groups that may nominate assets are:

  • a neighbourhood forum
  • a parish council
  • a charity
  • a community interest company
  • an unincorporated body (with atleast 12 individual members registered to vote locally, and which does not distribute any surplus it makes to its members)
  • a company limited by guarantee which does not distribute any surplus it makes to its members

All groups must be able to demonstrate a local connection to the property they are nominating.

What is the procededure for listing an asset?

To list an asset of community value the community group will need to complete a nomination form. The nomination needs to contain certain information including the nominator's eligibility, reason for nominating the asset, information about the freeholders and a description for the land including its proposed boundaries.

To comply with the requirements, please use the assets of Community Value Nomination form. The final decision as to whether the asset is of community value will be made by the corporate property group.

The nominating community group will be notified of the Council's decision, including the reason if the nomination is unsuccessful.

The asset will then be added to a list of successful or unsuccessful nominations, which will be available on the Council Website