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There are essentially two ways that community engagement can come about:

  • by the council requesting your (the public’s) involvement and assistance on a particular subject or issue, or

  • by you (the public) requesting that the council give consideration to or look into particular issues.

The council considers both approaches to beginning community engagement to be equally important. 

At any one time the Council is involved with a number of community engagement activities concerning a range of issues throughout the borough. Your involvement is important to the Council as we want to hear your views and opinions so that we can best respond to them in the services we provide.

Who to contact for further advice and assistance ?

If you wish to start engagement with the council, The council welcome your views and opinions and the opportunity to respond to them. If you have an issue or concern you would like to raise with the council there are a number of people and organisations that can help you.

Organisation or Council Directorate

Dudley Council Plus

DCP are equipped to respond to your comments, complaints and requests about Council services.  They are  are equipped to help you identify the Council Community engagement activities you may wish to get involved with and can provide you with the contact details of Council officers involved with specific activities.

Contact: Dudley Council Plus

Who they can help: Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Communities

Community Information Service

The Community Information Service provides information on Community groups and organisations you can get involved with or who can help you in starting engagement with the Council. Information on community events and when they occur can also be provided by the service. They can be contacted on their website the website includes useful community group and event listings that you can search at your leisure.

Who they can help: Individuals, Communities

Your Local Councillor

When seeking to engage with the Council about a particular issue, your local Councillor can help you in a number of ways. These include: raising issues and suggestions with the Council on your behalf, raising awareness and increasing involvement within the community, organizing petitions, putting you in touch with like minded people or organisations and by providing general support to you throughout the engagement process. Find out more about your local councillor.

Who they can help: Individuals, Groups, Organisations, Communities


Dosti is an organisation who seek to bring together groups, communities and organisations in influencing public sector (i.e. the Council, Police, Fire Service and Health Authority, etc) partnerships.

Dosti will be able to put you or your group/organisation in touch with other community and voluntary sector groups that will be able to help and support you in engaging with the Council. Dosti can be contacted by email at

Who they can help: Groups, Organisations, Communities