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About the directorate

What is Adult Social Care?

At some point in our lives most of us, if not all of us, will need help with everyday living because of an illness or a disability, because we are getting older, or because we are caring for someone.

What does Adult Social Care do?

Adult social care services support people aged 18 years or over who are vulnerable, older, frail, ill or at risk and are in need of some care or support.

Adult social care is responsible for the following activities:

  • assessment of your needs
  • planning your care and support
  • arranging services where appropriate
  • providing community care support where this is appropriate
  • offering support, equipment and adaptations to enable you to safely live at home
  • offering information about care and support services, along with allied supportive services available in the local community and throughout Dudley Borough

We can help:

  • older people (aged 65 or over)
  • adults with learning disabilities
  • adults with autism
  • adults with complex needs
  • adults with mental health conditions
  • adults with physical disabilities
  • adults who are having difficulty with their hearing or sight
  • adults who provide unpaid care for relatives or friends

Overall, our aim for adult social care continues to focus on reducing the demand for long-term care and support, which is where the majority of social care money is spent. We are committed to ensuring that through stronger safer communities and effective preventative support that more people are equipped and supported to live independently, successfully in their own homes for as long as possible.

About the director, Matt Bowsher

Matt has worked in Dudley for nearly ten years having started his adult social care career as a care worker. Matt volunteered at Coventry University in 2000 to providing care and support for an undergraduate with complex physical disabilities.

Matt joined Local Government in 2001, working mainly in the South East. Matt joined Dudley Council in July 2012 as Assistant Director for Quality and Commissioning and subsequently Chief Officer for Adult Social Care then Director of Adult Social Care (DASS) in 2019.

Matt believes the purpose of social care is to support and enable positive lives. The vision for Adult Social Care in Dudley is to support everyone to maximise their independence and achieve individual potential. This can only be achieved by working with and listening to people who use care and support and the Carers. Matt is proud to work in and support the people of Dudley Borough.