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Housing Options and Support Privacy Notice

Dudley Borough Council collects, holds and uses a full range of information, including personal information about residents, people it provides services to, and other people such as carers. We do this so we can better understand what you need and how we can effectively meet these needs.

The Council is accountable to its communities and has a duty to the people who we hold information about. We follow strict and distinct rules and have controls in place on how your personal information is used. We must treat your information responsibly, keep it safe and secure, and use it correctly and proportionately. This does include sharing the data you have provided when we are required to do this.

This document is a privacy notice. It explains and is organised around the following aspects: how and why we use any information we collect about you; how we may share your information; how long we keep your information; and your rights.

Your information rights

The law also gives you a number of rights to control what and how we use your personal and special category information. If you would like more information on your rights and the exemptions, please see these websites:

  • Dudley Council
  • The Information Commissioner’s Office

The name and contact details of the Data Protection Officer
We have a Data Protection Officer who is a council staff member whose job it is to make sure we respect your rights and follow the law. Please contact , Lewis Bourne, Data Protection Officer, at or by calling 0300 555 2345 and asking to speak to the Data Protection Officer.

Main contact details
Should you need them, the Council’s main contact details are:
Dudley Borough Council, Council House, Priory Road, Dudley , DY1 1HF.

Your right to make a complaint
It would be helpful if you contacted us first at to see if we can resolve the problem.