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The Autism Outreach Service supports pupils with a diagnosis of autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Asperger syndrome in mainstream schools as well as to families in the home.

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We work in collaboration with young people, their families, professionals and schools to deliver specialist educational assessments, support and advice to meet the diverse needs of the child/young person.  

We currently have six specialist teachers, four specialist teaching assistants and a family adviser who all work on a peripatetic basis across Dudley Borough. 


What do we do? 

Our work may include:

  • advising school staff on appropriate strategies
  • targeted teaching with individual pupils or small group work
  • producing resources to support identified difficulties
  • advice and signposting for families and in addition offer a range of training sessions to school staff, other pupils, young person with ASD and family members.

Home visits are offered as part of the assessment process with additional visits to support specific difficulties encountered in the home setting.

How can I make a referral?

All referrals must be on a completed referral form and accompanied by parental consent and written confirmation of diagnosis.

We accept referrals from:

  • Parents
  • Schools
  • ASD clinic
  • Health professionals 
  • Speech and Language Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Educational Psychologists
  • Other LEA support services

What does it cost?

The Autism Outreach Service provides a free service for children on caseload in Dudley mainstream schools with additional support for special schools.

What happens next?

Following acceptance of a referral a member of the team will make contact with the child's school and arrange an initial visit to start the assessment process.

  • The assessment involves observing the child in different lessons as well as during free time in school.

  • We ask school staff to tell us about the child and also meet one-to-one with the child to gather their views.

  • We need to know if the child is aware of their diagnosis so we can explain to them who we are.

  • A home visit is arranged to gather further information about the child from parents / carers and family members as their views are considered to be vital to fully understand how their child's autism impacts on daily life.

Find out more about autism friendly events in your area, as well as informative downloads and links for further support and information.

Support available

What support is offered for pupils?

  • Visual resources.
  • Social skills groups.
  • One-to-one targeted teaching sessions.
  • Re-integration into mainstream school.
  • Transition support into primary school, secondary school and college.

What support is offered for families?

  • Home visits.
  • Advice and resources to support difficulties in the home.
  • Information on sensory issues.
  • Workshops for parents and other family members.
  • Understanding the autism spectrum work with siblings.

What support is offered for schools?

  • Staff training.
  • Observation and monitoring.
  • Assessment.
  • Production of individualised resources.
  • Differentiation of curriculum.
  • Modelling good practice.
  • Peer group awareness.
  • Support with transition.
  • Attendance at reviews/other relevant meetings.
  • Special schools are offered specialist teacher time in a general advisory capacity.

What support is offered for colleges?

Colleges, sixth forms and post 16 providers can buy in support and advice from our service through a Service Level Agreement which does incur a cost for them.  Support includes staff training, one-to-one work and drop in sessions for staff or students.

Provision - Gig Mill ASD Base

We are a specialist ASD provision, attached to Gig Mill Primary school, for primary age children who have been diagnosed with high functioning autism.

Criteria for access:

  • The child has a diagnosis of ASD.

  • Child vulnerable to an increased risk of mental health problems / permanent exclusion / school related phobias / profound anxiety or other factors.

  • The child has completed a 12 week block of work, supported by Autism Outreach, in the current setting.

  • The child has a current EHCP with condition as a prime area of need.

  • Referral to the Autism Base Management Board via AOT or an Educational Psychologist, where evidence is presented and the referral pathways are followed.

What do we do?

We provide a curriculum specially adapted for children with severe social and communication needs and a range of mental health needs associated with the Autism Spectrum Disorder. The curriculum is delivered in a base situated on a main school site.

How do you refer or access the service/provision?

Referral form to be sent via the specialist inclusion service team.

What happens next?

Once a referral has been accepted:

  • Parents are invited to visit the base.
  • Parents and their child are invited to visit the base.
  • A start date is agreed by the Head teachers and parents.
  • A transition plan to the base is agreed by the existing provision, Teacher-in-charge and the parents.

Age ranges: 5-11 

Does it cost?

There is no cost to parents, carers or young people.

For further information please contact: SEN Team or Headteacher Mrs Hannaway.

Gig-Mill Primary School
The Broadway
West Midlands

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