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Here you will find information relating to the National Curriculum, Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND), school attendance/exclusion, home education, and guidelines for the employment of children

Advice and Support

School attendance advice

As a parent or carer you are responsible for ensuring your children receive a suitable full time education.

Support for looked after children

Dudley Virtual School have corporate parenting responsibility for 'looked after children'. We help maximise access to good quality education for all children and young people in care.

Educational and child psychology service

Dudley educational and child psychology service work across a range of settings, using applied psychology to optimise and maximise the learning, development and well-being of children and young people in the borough.

School supervised medication

Pupils who require medication administering in school should discuss this in the first instance with the head teacher. All medications should be presented to school in their original packaging and only as a prescribed by a GP or consultant.

The Headteacher will be able to discuss the school's administration of medicines policy and procedures.

Further advice and support can be given by The School Health Advisor for the individual school.

Educating your child at home

Education is compulsory, but you can choose to school your child/children at home.  This is known as ‘Elective Home Education’.  Remember that if you choose to educate your child at home, you must be prepared to assume full financial responsibility for the child’s education, including bearing the cost of any public examinations, books, paper, IT and other equipment, and educational visits and sporting activities.

Bear in mind also that if you remove your child from a school in order to educate at home, but then change your mind, there is no guarantee that a place would still be available at the school.

Educating your children at home is a big decision, we recommend you think about why you are considering this and research it thoroughly.

Language and cultural support

The Ethnic Minority Achievement Services (EMAS) works in partnership with schools and communities to provide support for children with English as an additional language, helping to raise the achievement of ethnic minority pupils including new arrivals. You can contact the service through Dudley Council Plus.

Additional advice

If you have moved into Dudley and have school-aged children who need a school place, contact School Admissions. 

If your child has been excluded from school and you need some advice, contact the Exclusion Officer.

Centres and Activities

Dudley Performing Arts

Dudley Performing Arts encourages people of all ages and abilities to participate in community music and arts activities.  Including performance groups, tuition and purchasing schemes for instruments.

Cherry Tree Learning Centre

Cherry Tree Learning Centre is one of two Short Stay Schools in Dudley. It supports children and young people in the borough who are unable to access their mainstream/special school due to ill health. Pupils aged 5-16 years are referred to Cherry Tree for issues related to mental health, including self-harm, anxiety, school ‘phobias’, separation anxiety and depression, as well as a variety of physical medical conditions.

Cherry Tree Learning Centre is committed to working in partnership with schools, educational settings, parents and other professionals in order to ensure the educational/emotional needs of this vulnerable group of children and young people are appropriately met.

Teenage pregnancy - The centre also has a Teenage Pregnancy Education Support Officer and provides support for all teenage parents aged 16 or under. Referrals should be made as soon as possible to ensure support for the young person even if the chosen path is termination.

Pregnant girls remain in their mainstream school for as long as possible before the birth and are supported back into school appropriately. Assistance is also given to ensure childcare is in place under the Care to Learn Scheme.  Young fathers are also supported educationally.

All referrals are made by schools, supported in writing by a medical professional.

Astley Burf outdoor adventure centre

Astley Burf is an outdoor adventure centre crammed full of facilities, owned and run by Dudley Council offering residential activities for schools and children’s groups.  The centre is predominantly used by schools and youth groups but can also consider bespoke requests please do get in touch.

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


If you're a parent/carer of a child or young person with special educational needs or a disability (SEND), we can provide a range of information to help you make informed choices and play an active role in throughout your child's educational decisions.

Education and Learning

There a number of services and provisions that can help you with specialist educational support, advice and training. You can find out full details on our Local Offer or find out about Specialist Education Services.