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Locally Listed Buildings in Dudley

In addition to the Statutory List, we have compiled a ‘Local List’ of buildings of historic or architectural significance that are considered to make a particular contribution to local character and distinctiveness and worthy of protection and conservation in their own right.

The bulk of Dudley’s historic buildings, including industrial archaeological remains, were built after 1840 and so will often not meet the national criteria necessary for inclusion on the statutory lists.

This does not, however, diminish their importance in terms of the local historic character of the many different townships which make up Dudley Borough.

The ‘Local List’ has, therefore, been compiled to provide a measure of protection to the most important of these historic buildings and early pre-application advice with the local planning authority is strongly advised for proposals that relate to a locally listed building.

The first Local List for Dudley Borough was approved for adoption by Dudley Council's Development Control Committee on 12th December 1996.This was based on the contribution they make to the character and distinctiveness of the Borough’s townscape and landscape.

The Dudley Local List has since been reviewed using an updated set of assessment criteria approved by Development Control Committee on the 23rd February 2016. This was produced following a public consultation exercise undertaken during 2015 and currently comprises upwards of 290 entries.

On 13 September 2021, the Development Control Committee approved and adopted the Revised Dudley Borough Local List as a replacement for the original 1996 list. This updated document is available to download below.

You can find out if a property you are interested in is locally listed by using the A-Z listing of the locally listed buildings in Dudley. To search, you can enter the name of the address into the keyword search box below, or search by district or SMR number. Alternatively click the show all link for information about the whole Borough.

Further information on each of the buildings or structures on Dudley’s Local List can be found on the national Heritage Gateway website by entering the required street name or SMR number into the ‘quick search’ facility - and then scrolling down to ‘Local Records’, scrolling to and clicking on ‘Dudley Historic Environment Record’ and then selecting the required record. The Heritage Gateway website is available at Heritage Gateway

Works carried out to locally listed buildings

Although controls are not as strict as those related to the statutory list the Council is committed to resisting proposals to demolish or adversely alter Locally Listed Buildings and it establishes a requirement to investigate positively the retention of a building as the first and most desirable option before other development options are considered. In this regards the Local List has an associated policy (S11 – Buildings of Local Historic or Architectural Importance) contained in the Council’s adopted Dudley Borough Development Strategy (2017), and this, along with guidance provided in the National Planning Policy Framework will be taken into account in the determination of any planning application affecting the Locally Listed property.

Assessment Criteria

As a first step towards updating the 1996 Local List, Dudley Council proposed a set of updated local listing assessment criteria. These criteria were the subject of a public consultation exercise which ran from 15th May to 26th June 2015. Click to view a spreadsheet list of representations received and Dudley Council’s responses to them.

Informed by representations received to this public consultation exercise, a final version set of updated local listing assessment criteria was produced and approved by Dudley Council’s Development Control Committee on 23 February 2016. Click to view a copy of the Report to Development Control Committee including (as Appendix 1) the updated assessment criteria

Following its approval, this final version set of updated local listing assessment criteria is now being used by Dudley Council officers to re-assess those buildings and structures on the Local List in terms of whether they should be retained or removed from this List and a revised Dudley Local Listed will then be produced and put before Dudley Council’s Development Control Committee for its approval and adoption.

View the A to Z of current locally listed buildings in Dudley