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Household support fund

Applications for the household support fund are now paused. Please come back and check this website for when the scheme will re-open.

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Kerbside recycling (black box and blue / green bags)

Recycling in the Dudley borough is collected in three different containers - a blue bag, a green bag and a black box. Recycling should only be presented in Dudley Council containers. Residents can request additional containers if they are required.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

It's really important that no other materials are included in either bag as it could lead to our reprocessors rejecting the material and sending it to landfill. In addition to being really bad for the environment, all materials sent to landfill incurs a significant cost to the taxpayer.

New or replacement bags or boxes

New or replacement black boxes and/or recycling bags can be requested using the online form. We do not limit the number of receptacles per household. Dudley Council will not reimburse for lost or damaged bags/boxes if they are non-council issue.  

Please note: Unfortunately, due to the current unprecedented circumstances, our services may be disrupted. As a result, the delivery of recycling bags and boxes may be delayed. Please be assured that we are doing everything we can to resume normal services as quickly as possible.


Collection Issues

If you have a query or issue relating to a collection please report it using our online form.

What happens to our recycling?