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Waste storage in new residential developments

New residential developments must include appropriate provision for the storage and collection of household waste and recycling.

Designers and developers should consider the following:

  • It may be more appropriate to collect from multiple flats using communal wheelie bins, rather than issuing each flat with an individual recycling box.
  • Dudley council is unable to collect 'mixed recycling' contained within one bin. Where communal bin rooms are proposed, sufficient room should be allowed for a multi-bin recycling system.
  • Un-recyclable bagged waste will not be collected from communal bin rooms, unless the waste is contained within appropriate bins
  • Bins need to be safely manoeuvred to the point of emptying (this may require dropped kerbs)
  • Lighting
  • Noise (particularly where glass is being recycled)
  • Lockable bin areas (to prevent inappropriate use such as fly-tipping)
  • Fire safety

It is essential for architects, planners, and developers to consult with us regarding appropriate arrangements at an early stage. Further guidance is provided in the attached PDF.