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Garden waste service

Subscriptions for our new garden waste collection service are now available. Visit our garden waste page for further information.

Mattresses, bed bases, carpets and underlay

We are working in partnership with Textek to offer our residents a new recycling service.

From £18 per item you can recycle mattresses, bed bases, carpets and underlay quickly and easily.

Items collected


  • Undersize (Cot) / child’s mattress
  • Single
  • Small Double
  • Double
  • King
  • Super King
  • Separate mattress topper
  • Topper + Mattress

Exception - biohazard mattresses (death/heavy blood stained mattresses). These will be refused. Customers should get in contact with a bio-waste company.

Bed bases

Wooden or Metal.
Includes divan bases and bedframes (dissemble the latter if possible).
Excludes electrically-operated and specially-adapted beds

Carpets and underlay

All carpets and underlay can be taken. However please inform Textek if carpet or underlay is from more than one room.

Other items

Other items such as furniture, settees and arm chairs have prices on request

Booking and payment

Payments to be by debit/credit card or BACS


Weekdays only from 8am. A collection date will be confirmed with you when you call.

  • Bulky items should be outside of the property on day of collection.
  • Items must be on your premises, not on the street.
  • Textek will not enter a premises to collect items.
  • Only the specified items will be collected.
  • Please note that you will be charged if Textek come to collect your items but are not able to collect them.


Notification of any cancellation must be received before 4pm on the previous working day. Cancellations received after deadline will be charged unless crew can be alerted.

What the recycled materials are used for:

  • Metal: Used within the UK and is melted down and turned into many different items from kettles to planes.
  • Foam: This is broken down and reused as carpet underlay.
  • Shoddy: This material is reused as soundproofing for the automotive trade.
  • Poly: This material is used in equestrian flooring.
  • Mixed Textile: This is used as a replacement to traditional fossil fuels as a source to power your home.