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Household support fund

Applications for the household support fund are now paused. Please come back and check this website for when the scheme will re-open.

Dudley Council
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Mattresses, Bed Bases, Carpets and Underlay

Dudley MBC is working in partnership with Textek to offer our residents a new service for the collection and recycling of selected bulky waste goods and materials.

For a small fee, you can recycle mattresses, bed bases, carpets and underlay quickly and easily.

What the recycled materials are used for:

  • Metal: Used within the UK and is melted down and turned into many different items from kettles to planes.
  • Foam: This is broken down and reused as carpet underlay.
  • Shoddy: This material is reused as soundproofing for the automotive trade.
  • Poly: This material is used in equestrian flooring.
  • Mixed Textile: This is used as a replacement to traditional fossil fuels as a source to power your home.