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Garden waste service

Subscriptions for our new garden waste collection service are now available. Visit our garden waste page for further information.

We can issue a range of Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) for offences that can have a negative impact on the local environment. These include offences relating to litter, dog fouling, fly-tipping, and abandonment of vehicles.

In the case of a littering or fly-tipping offence we may take photographic evidence. However to issue a fine we only have to witness the offence. We may if it's safe and practical to do so pick up the litter. It may at a later date be used as an exhibit should a case go to court.

A third party can report an incident. However we may not be able to issue a fine because the offence has to be witnessed by an authorised officer. If the person who witnessed the offence is certain of what they saw, we may take a statement and issue a fine afterwards depending on the details and circumstances.


We can issue fixed penalty notices (fines) for the offence of littering, dog fouling and fly tipping, under section 88 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Payment of fines

You will have received a Fixed Penalty Notice because we have reason to believe that you have committed an offence. The details of the offence are outlined on the Fixed Penalty Notice.

Within the 14 day period set out in the Fixed Penalty Notice you must either pay your fine or request that the matter be heard by a court.

Appeals and complaints

There is no appeal process for a Fixed Penalty Notice for littering, dog fouling, fly tipping or any other similar fine. However, it is possible to informally question the circumstances of a Fixed Penalty Notice.


DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) offer guidelines on the use of Fixed Penalty Notices. They state that 'the public generally welcome the use of Fixed Penalties, provided that they are issued sensibly, enforced even-handedly and are seen as a response to genuine problems.'

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