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Ask 100 people what Advocacy means and you are likely to get 100 different answers.

We asked each of our current ‘Advocacy’ providers and the word cloud above includes what they felt were the key features of advocacy.

Put simply ‘Advocacy ’ supports an individual to understand their rights, express their views and play a full role in decisions made about them.

Dudley MBC provides access to several forms of ‘Advocacy’ from Self Advocacy which supports individuals to speak up for themselves through to NHS Complaints Advocacy which supports people to raise issues and make complaints about health related services.

We also provide or ‘commission’ (buy) a number of other forms of Advocacy. These are explained by clicking on the tabs to the left of this page.

Charges for Advocacy Support

Dudley MBC nor its contracted providers make no charge for provision of an advocate as long as the person meets the specific eligibility criteria for the particular type of Advocacy they need to access.

However, if a person declines the support of an appointed independent advocate and wishes to appoint their own advocate from an alternative source or provider then the Local Authority will not be liable to fund this support.

People not considered eligible for advocacy support through the Local Authority can access their own legal support or contact local, regional or national advocacy organisations to explore opportunities for self funded advocacy support.


All Advocates operate under strict confidentiality rules and all of our advocacy providers are independent of both the Local Authority, the local NHS services and Mental Health Trust.

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