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A direct payment is a payment, paid directly to you, your family or carers by us, to purchase your own care and support. Direct payments give you more choice and control over how support services are provided. The short video below gives an easy to follow introduction to direct payments and how they work. There is a series of these videos on the YouTube link below which explain more detail on how they work, along with 3 people's stories of using direct payments sucessfully.

Independent support and advice can be provided by direct payment providers such as People Plus.

These direct payments should not be confused with direct payments for benefit, which are paid via the Department for Work and Pensions.

Looking for a 'PA' ?

If you are looking to recruit a Personal Assistant (PA) or for further information on direct payments please visit our Dudley Community Information Directory.  

If you employ your own care and support staff, you can apply to Skills for Care to get money for training for you and your personal assistant - this is called individual employer funding.

Adult and children's safeguarding training

Adult and children's safeguarding training is available online to everyone receiving direct payments and for their PAs.