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Energy bills rebate

Applications are still open for the discretionary energy support fund.

If you have not received your £150 Energy rebate payment contact us urgently at

Dudley Council
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The Dudley Mediation Service is available for advice and support to anyone who may be having problems getting on with neighbours or individuals in your community.

If you are having difficulties with members of your family, neighbours or other individuals in your community, then it is best to discuss your problems with the other person as soon as you can to help resolve the situation.

If you have already tried to resolve the dispute yourself and it has not been settled, or you don’t feel confident enough to confront the other person, then you should contact the Mediation Service for advice and support.

Mediation is a process of negotiation to help reach an agreement and solution together that everyone will feel is fair. It aims to reduce tension, anger and misunderstandings to enable all to live amongst each other peacefully.

The service is available to anyone who lives in the Dudley Borough.

Midlands Mediation

The Dudley Mediation Service is a member of the Midlands Mediation Network. Visit their website for more information.